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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Completely Fit 4 Life.

Completely Fit offers a variety of classes including Reformer Pilates, online Mat Pilates, Nutrition consulting, Wellness Workshops, and an incredible program called TEMPLE TOUGH. Linda Brown is a holistic mind-nutrition and body health coach. She has been teaching fitness and health for over 40 years. Her goal and hope for each person she works with is abundant health. Her background and education allows her to teach a “COMPLETELY FIT” program, which addresses mindset, physical and emotional health and alignment spiritually. Her heart is for community, and she created TEMPLE TOUGH– a spiritual and community based wellness program, which includes a large network of health minded associates.



Health and Wellness Coach
American Council on Exercise Certified
Divine Health Director - Agape Freedom Fighters
Master Fitness Trainer & Pilates instructor
Nutrition Consultant 



USTA Ranked Tennis Player, And Avid Cyclist, General Manager with Sparetime Inc, Northern California Tennis Clubs, Programs Manager, And Fitness Director, Personal Training, And Group Fitness Training, Motivational Speaker, Raindrop Technique Certified Essential Oil And Healing, business Owner, and master pilates Instructor. Linda Is An Author And Has Written For Several Health Magazines. 


  • American Council On Exercise (ACE)

  • Aerobics And Fitness Association (AFFA),

  • Power House (PHI) In Personal Training,

  • Pilates Reformer, Mat, Chair And Cadillac.

  • SOZO Certified - An Inner Healing Technique

  • Dokimos Trained - Spiritual Gymnasium Commissioned

  • Certified in Physical and Inner Healing


  • Personal Training (ACE)

  • Health Coach (ACE)

  • Group Exercise (ACE)

  • Children’s Programs (ACE)

  • Special Populations (ACE)

  • Lifestyle And Weight Management (ACE)

  • Homeopathic Nutrition (ACE)

  • Mat Pilates Level 1,2 And 3 (PHI)

  • Reformer Pilates Level 1,2 And 3 (PHI)

  • Cadillac And Chair Certified (PHI)

  • Personal Training Certifed With Reformer Pilates (PHI)


  • Presenter & Motivational Speaker

  • Committee Member and Presenter for City of Hope

  • Non-profit Events to raise funds to assist those in need

  • Board Member & Divine Health Director for Agape Freedom Fighters

  • Founder Of Connect 4 A Cure (Non-profit Organization).

  • Owner Of Completely Fit 4 Life


Linda is active in Corporate Community Leadership and Community outreach to educate, motivate, and equip those who want to improve their health and wellness. Your health is vital to your quality of life and we have a variety of programs available for you. Browse our website and find what program fits your health and wellbeing journey. 


Linda is available for Motivational Speaking - email at



I am certified with A.C.E., the American Council on Exercise, and I incorporate the high standards set forth by this organization. A.C.E. continues to "Advance the course of fitness" giving educators the information necessary to teach a "complete" fitness and wellness program. I believe it is important to develop a routine that recognizes and utilizes all components of health and fitness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to ensure great results and better time management. My goal with each client is to develop a "complete" individualized program, one that can increase vitality, longevity, promote sound nutrition, and give a variety of training options to match each client’s goals, expectations,

and limitations.

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