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"I have worked with Linda for over three years. Her personal commitment to her clients goals is unparalleled. She is without fail encouraging, understanding, and professional. She is always expanding her own knowledge of training methods, and will even research medical conditions to strengthen the weaker areas of our bodies. My own personal health and well-being have improved enormously over the past three years, and I owe it to Linda and her commitment to me." 



"I have been training with Linda for over two years. I first came to Linda with no knowledge on weight training. After working with Linda privately, she encouraged me to join her "Women On Weights" (W.O.W.) group. I am amazed at how much strength I have developed, and the confidence and knowledge I now have... and the reduction in body fat! Linda provides the complete path for training with her clients. She has encouraged me to become a runner and tri-athlete, provides articles on health and nutrition and challenged me to attend Yoga classes to work on my tight hamstrings! I am thankful to Linda, for making my workouts a priority and encouraging me to pursue my certification as a fitness trainer."



"After reading an article in the GRRC (Gold River Racquet Club) Newsletter about a young lady who was not exactly the picture of health until she started working with Linda Moeller-Brown, a bell went off in my head. The next day I called the front desk and made an appointment with Linda. That was October 2003 and she has been my personal trainer for 2 years now. I had been through a hysterectomy and back surgery and being 49 years old I felt like 89 years old! Linda not only showed me the correct way to work out but she also taught me about proper nutrition and how to care for my body... Linda has literally changed my life, both physically and mentally. She is an excellent trainer as well as a beautiful person and friend."



"I have used other personal trainers before, and in my experience they gave it less than their all due to the fact that my body was not the 'image' required. Linda is the exact opposite! It does not matter the size, shape or fitness level you are, she is with you 100% each workout session. She is very knowledgeable in other areas of wellness and continues to share information on a regular basis. I always finish a W.O.W. class feeling stronger, healthier and happy with Linda!"


"I began in Linda's W.O.W. (Women On Weights) class due to finding I had high cholesterol (which came as a surprise!), so I decided on some small changes that would not overwhelm me. The W.O.W. class has proved to be useful in three ways... my cholesterol has dropped, my tone is back, and after class - my stress from the day seems to melt away. With Linda's positive attitude and attention to individual needs, it draws me back weekly ... even with the pain that seems to follow the workout!"


"In June 2010, I had just completed my first marathon, and was playing soccer four nights a week. One Tuesday morning, I woke up to begin my normal work day, when over the course of two hours, I had lost complete function of my right side, my right eye vision and speech. It turns out I had an aggressive attack of Multiple Sclerosis. After nine months of physical therapy, I regained 85% of my function, but had lost most of my core strength and motor control, and they had done all they could do for me.

Over the next 18 months with Linda and reformer Pilates, I have regained almost 90% of my core strength and balance, along with motor control of my legs. This is so important for anyone recovering from a serious illness, or injury to prevent falls and future injury. When I started Pilates, I couldn’t lift my right arm above my head, much less bear weight- now I am planking like I never stopped. The very latest is I can actually jump! Something I never planned on doing again in my life J There have been so many of these revelations over the past year that I can hardly list them all here.

If you have ever said “I used to be able to…”, and want to again- take it from me, Pilates is a great first step to regain or build the core strength and flexibility you need at any age or any ability.



"I’m 84 year old senior gentleman who was getting lazy and out of shape, so I joined Auburn Pilates (Completely Fit For Life) class and have I ever been impressed. Not only have gotten in shape, I have toned my body as well. I golf every Friday and my score (handicap) has gone down 5 strokes in the past few months, Great I even had my first Eagle a couple weeks ago. My bike riding and walking have been getting stronger each week as well. My sleeping has improved greatly.

You could not ask for a more knowledgeable Instructor, Linda-owner, she is very proficient with her instructions and very helpful with her nutritional advice regarding my specific needs. All her clientele are delightful as they  fill you in on the latest goings on in Auburn, happy clients ;-)

Linda was very congenial in fitting me into her schedule so that has worked quite well for me. Thanks Linda!"

– AL

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