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Welcome to TEMPLE TOUGH, a workout designed to enlighten and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.  A class dedicated to healing in the body, while engaging movement in the whole body. This workout awakens emotions, mindset, and your spirit.  
Prayer is included in this class  - TOTAL HEALTH IS DEPENDENT UPON USE OF THE "WHOLE BODY", and our connection to GOD.  What “science” discovers about  “THE BODY” is already written. The Bible is a powerful resource for us to understand how to attain, maintain and regain health. God made your body to be a TEMPLE, a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. 

This is a Dunamis (meaning power) type of workout. God gave us power to live a devoted, pure and holy life. God changes our hearts, our minds, even our goals and dreams when we turn toward Him and this ushers HEALTH to our body.
Learn how to engage yourself on all levels of who you are for TOTAL HEALTH. This can open up the possibility of cleansing the body from toxins that can lay stagnant and create an opportunity for disease. Purify, cleanse, heal, and be filled with the health which God intended you to have.  
It is time to get TEMPLE TOUGH

Classes Are Led By Health Coach Linda Brown, And Includes A Great Workout, Nutrition For A Strong Immune System, Kingdom Cooking Classes, Guest Speakers To Encourage Your Walk With God, Tools To Shift Your Mindset To Line Up With What God Says About You, And Actions To Move In For Total Pure Health Success.


You will get plugged in to a beautiful Kingdom Community that can offer support for your continued health and wellness. We are going to have so much fun, we will get healed, healthy, moved, and activated and we will have some amazing workouts!

Kingdom minded associates


Kassy Clifford


 Cara Moeller


Kellie Haldeman


Pamela Jackson

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